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If while dragging the file to the trash, clicking on Del or selecting "delete" you hold down SHIFT , the file will be deleted and not placed in the cart. If your computer is worth Auto Insert CD-ROM, you can temporarily disable it for individual discs.

Understanding Network Bridge
Network Bridge offers an easy way to connect LAN segments. LAN segment - is part of a network transmission medium that connects a group of computers.

Search the desired file on the largest faylobmennikov
If you often need to find a particular file video, music, software, documents, etc., and the major search engines like Google or Bing or could not find, or give a lot of redundant results after searching, then there special search engine that helps find files on various hosting sites.

Smooth edges of screen fonts, Windows
This setting makes the screen more readable fonts. There are two modes of font smoothing. 0 - Do not use anti-aliasing 1 - Standard smoothing 2 - Smoothing Clear Type first one is called Standard.

Clean list of recently used documents Windows
Clean list of recently opened documents on logout on your computer: HKLM SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion

Administering Windows
See to "Start" HKCU Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Explorer Advanced

Setting Local Packs and settings, as well as service packs available in the form of CAB-files
To add a local set of themes and settings in Windows, follow these steps: 1 Find a local set of themes and settings, and copy it to an accessible location.

Send an error message
If you find an error in the text, select it with the mouse and press Ctrl + ENTER, specify the correct text without error.

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