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List of programs Windows, running in the Run dialog box
Run dialog box is used by Windows to open a program, folder or document. It allows you to create a job to run with administrator privileges. The most famous team performed in the Run window is Cmd Command Prompt and Regedit Registry Editor.

If you have enabled the display of hidden files in Windows, it is usually in the images folder is a file Thumbs. db . This file is used by the operating system to store the thumbnails folder mode Thumbnails Explorer.

Automatic login and turn off the screen when you run the users
If you want to speed up the boot process of Windows 7, you can configure automatic logon. This feature is designed for those situations when your computer uses one person.

Authentication and data encryption for remote access
security settings, selectable by a switch Usual recommended settings in the Security , activate a predefined set of authentication methods and encryption requirements that are aligned with the server when you connect protocol PPP.

Disable display a dialog box when applying reg-file
When you run the reg-file, the system displays a dialog box in which the user must confirm the accuracy of the source, obtained from the imported information to the registry.

Tracking applications that create unknown files on the disk
If you are constantly on the disk any program writes strange files, you can determine which creates their application using the utility from Microsoft: Process Monitor.

Windows PE
Windows PE - it Preinstallation Environment Windows, used in the initial stage of the installation of operating systems Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7. She also founded and recovery environment - Windows RE. Windows PE can be useful, for example, for different recovery procedures "falling" of the system, as well as to create a WIM-HDD partition and its deployment.

Send an error message
If you find an error in the text, select it with the mouse and press Ctrl + ENTER, specify the correct text without error.

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