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Access using cables DirectParallel
DirectParallel technology enables communication between two computers via standard or extended ECP parallel port using a parallel cable type of Basic or Fast Parallel Technologies.

Computer sees no local disk from a previous OS disk or displayed without the letter
1 Right-click on Computer such as the Start menu and select Management . 2 In the left pane, click Disk Management 3 top Middle see which volumes have letter. If the present volume of 200 MB partition, you do not change a drive letter.

Add the command line in the context menu of folders Windows
This option is used to add the command line to the context menu of all folders. For this branch HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Classes Directory shell add subsection Command Prompt, it also create another subkey Command and assign the following default values: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Classes Directory shell Command Prompt Command @ = "Cmd.

Addressing failure icon in the taskbar
This is because the downloaded program will try to establish before the explorer time to initiate tray. To set a delay start programs, you can use startup manager Startup Delayer.

Reduction of fragmented large files on disk
To the operating system when writing the file to disk first found it most suitable for the size of the place and put it in there as little as possible splitting up into parts, do the following: 1 Start the Registry Editor Win + R -> regedit -> Ok 2 Open branch HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Control FileSystem 3 Create a DWORD-value ContigFileAllocSize 4 Click the right mouse button and select Edit . 5 Set 00000200 and click OK This parameter specifies the maximum size of a non-fragmented data block on the disk.

Correction absence in the folder All Programs from the Start menu folder Standard
To correct this situation, you need to create a new profile and copy out the necessary folders. 1 In the Start menu search bar, type Lusrmgr. msc and click Enter . 2 Navigate to the folder Members 3 Right-click in the middle of the window and select New user . 4 Enter a user name example: Demo and uncheck " must change password at next logon " 5 Click Create , and when the button becomes active not click Close . 6 Log out and log in using the newly created account.

Switching from active to inactive window by hovering the cursor over it
In Windows, there parameter allows to activate a window when you hover the mouse pointer. This facilitates the use of a mouse selection or activation of windows, allowing switch to an inactive window when you hover the mouse pointer over it without having to click.

Send an error message
If you find an error in the text, select it with the mouse and press Ctrl + ENTER, specify the correct text without error.

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