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Show window contents while dragging Windows
If this option is disabled, instead of the window moves only its outline. Disable this option if it is very boots the system.

Prohibition of substitution function shutdown button if necessary updates
If updates are available, waiting for installation on Windows shutdown button icon appears with a shield. If you do not apply this tweak the registry, then when there are updates available for installation when you select the Start menu Shutdown will default action - Install Updates and Shut Down . To disable this feature in the dialog box Shutdown Windows and display the default option selected at the last shutdown Hibernate, Restart, etc.

Animations folding and unfolding windows Windows
On a slow computer recommended to disable this option. Changes take effect only after rebooting. HKCU

To suppress extensions LCP protocol PPP
Disconnect from the remote server. Open Network Connections. Highlight a remote access connection or connection VPN, you want to configu

Displaying the Keyboard WINDOWS 8
If you like the onscreen keyboard or have to use this feature Because you`re using a tablet Windows 8 device with no physical Keyboard, you`ll appreciate the Keyboard settings.

Send an error message
If you find an error in the text, select it with the mouse and press Ctrl + ENTER, specify the correct text without error.

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