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Create a New Library WINDOWS 8

2015-12-27 00:00:00

1 With File Explorer open, click the

Home tab and click Libraries.

2 Click New Item and then Library.

3 In the new library that appears with

A placeholder name highlighted,

Enter a name for the library and press


create a new library windows 8

Assign unique and descriptive names to libraries so that you

Can easily find the folders and files within them

Use libraries for broader topics; you can create folders within

The Documents library for narrower topics to keep libraries to

A manageable number. For example, create a folder for houserelated

Items. Then you should populate it with "sub-folders"

For Budget, Renovations, Mortgage, and Insurance. Create

Folders within the Documents library for narrower topics, such

As Gardening Tips, Association Minutes, or Holiday Address


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